annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

Our SmartRun transport service gets people where they need to be.

How it works

SmartRun is designed to take the stress out of transport. It is available to all adults with a disability that we support at Merrimu, and provides door-to-door transport to all services and activities that Merrimu facilitates. When people choose the things that are important to them during the planning process at Merrimu, all necessary transport is arranged at the same time through SmartRun.

It’s a convenient way for people to get out and about to the places they need to be.

Community organisations: how to get on board

We’re looking for opportunities to make SmartRun even better by exploring partnerships with other community organisations that offer transport services. These partnerships will help make the most of collective resources and maximise efficiencies for all the organisations’ transport systems. Our goal is to eventually develop a database of available transport services in the community, which will ultimately increase transport options for people to connect to their communities. If you’re part of a community organisation and would like to find out more, contact us.

Changing your booking

To temporarily change your SmartRun booking, email us or call us on 03 5366 3000.